Welcome to this strange, starry, nostalgia-powered mess I've made, aka: my site. Hope you find it comfy enough for you ! :3

Feel free to explore the page though it's still under construction and it's lacking a lot of stuff. However, I'll be updating it frequently, or at least try to.

Modern social media is full of limiations and drains my creativity, so having this site feels really fresh and empowering. Here, I talk about videogames, animanga, personal stuff, and random and interesting things I find on the web.

Also, I would love to link buttons or to know more of all those cool webrings I could join ! And... Yeah like... You know... My button is down there on the left, just saying...

While I finish working on this place, make sure to feed my girl Lain, look at the Rin floatie for 30 minutes straight or check the unnecessarily big list of anime and videogames I like in the About Me section.

Thanks and see you around the web !

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