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let's all love lain !

Welcome to this strange, starry, nostalgia-powered mess I've made, aka: my site. Hope you find it comfy enough for you ! :3

Feel free to explore the page though it's still under construction. and it's lacking a lot of stuff. However, I'll be updating it frequently, specially the Archive, where I will post about things I do and thoughts I want to share.

I'm glad I found Neocities as other social media seem full of limiations compared to it. Besides, I love the freedom with which it allows me to express, like, who would've thought there was a place with such surreal and quirky people? ^-^

Also, I would love to link buttons or to know more of all those cool webrings I could join ! And... Yeah like... You know... My button is down there on the left too, just saying...

Lastly, while I finish working on this place, make sure to feed my girl Lain, look at the Rin floatie for 30 minutes straight or check the unnecessarily big list of anime and videogames I like in the About Me section.

Thanks and see you around the web !

Any pronouns
INTP 4w5

Upadte corner

♥10/04/23 19:15 Rebranded the webrings section and organized the position of certain divs so they wouldn't look wanky in other computers. Currently trying to make the Rin floatie responsive :3
♥21/11/22 20:28 Finished writing a decent presentation and re organized the structure of the text. Added new pixels and kaomojis, a new gif and got rid of the containers. Deleted the marquee with random gifs and turned it into the Fanlisting section (not yet finished). Changed the fonts of some sections of the homepage, incluiding the navbar.
♥14/11/22 14:12 Slightly changed the looks of some elements of the homepage, incluiding the Update Corner. Added custom cursors to each page, edited the names and created a link to go back to the homepage.
♥09/11/22 02:10 Updated the looks of the presentation and added a section with pixels I like.
♥09/11/22 00:15 Updated the webring corner and created a blog! Wrote my first entry there and changed the cursor of the pages.
♥07/11/22 12:52 Added more buttons to the Cool Sites section and updated the header for a better look. Also customized the Yesterweb Ring widget to fit more into the aesthetic of the site.
♥06/11/22 03:00 Created a Colors TCG page and linked it to the navbar in the Cards section!
♥05/11/22 17:10 Added more buttons to the Cool Sites section and finished the Webrings page. Also added a header to the Guestbook
♥05/11/22 02:01 Created a Guestbook and linked it to the navbar!
♥04/11/22 20:04 Finished adding websites to the Cool Sites section and created and linked the Webrings section, though I still have to finish that one
♥04/11/22 17:31 Made a button and added it to the Link Me section! Finally!! Also added sites to the Cool Sites section
♥04/11/22 00:04 Created the Cool Sites page and linked it to the navbar, also added some buttons to it.
♥03/11/22 15:03 Changed the structure of the page and made it more attractive in other explorers. Added the Yesterweb Ring button to the website too!
♥24/10/22 15:30 Updated the Yume Nikki shrine, added the Worlds and Gameplay section and linked them
♥22/10/22 01:54 Finished the Characters section of my Yume Nikki shrine
♥21/10/22 23:68 Started building the Yume Nikki shrine and linked it!
♥19/10/22 23:48 Created a corner with scrolling buttons and added more graphics to the marquee
♥19/10/22 23:48 Created and linked to the navbar a Shrines section!! Though I still have to create said Shrines..
♥19/10/22 15:49 Added the test results to the About Me page, which is officially finished!
♥19/10/22 15:23 Rewrote part of the presentation and finished making this place mobile friendly. Added a new graphic to the presentation and started working on finishing the about me section
♥19/10/22 01:13 Almost finished the About Me section and linked it to the navbar!!
♥18/10/22 15:10 Added new stamps to the sidebar and started planning the marquee
♥18/10/22 14:54 Created a Navgar and fixed the unaligned elements
♥17/10/22 15:39 Edited the Play button and added an Update Corner!
♥16/10/22 Rebuilt the layout with flexbox to make the website more responsive
♥15/10/22 Included a Gifypet and added a Rin floatie!
♥14/10/22 Started creating the "About me" section
Made the "This is YUE" section, collected some blinkies and added them to the section
♥13/10/22 Added the sidebar and wrote a presentation
♥13/10/22 I created this website lol


welcome to my little space of chaos !

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