OMORI is a psychological horror RPG Maker game created by the gamedev OMOCAT, released on December 25th 2020. It explores the trauma of loss, change and guilt through the story of Sunny and his group of friends.

Pretty much like Yume Nikki, this game is another RPG Maker game that changed the trajectory of my life, and helped me during tough times. It is a game that inspires me a lot as someone who's pursuing Gamedev studies, and it's something I look up to when people asks me which kind of games I want to do. I know, this is a very popular opinion amongst the gamedev community and I know I'm not that special!! Okay!! But this game means a LOT to me, it truly does! I care about those characters, I see myself in them, I enjoy being in those places and I LOVE exploring them.

If you know OMORI, what you'll find in this shrine may not be nothing special or new for you, and that's totally fine! But I like to think that maybe, after reading how this game affects me and my little brain, some people will be inclined to play it, or at least research about it and the topics it touches!

Lastly, I would like to say: CONTENT WARNING for pretty much everything. I like games that show how messed up the human brain is, so there will be a lot of that in here!